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Chinese aerosol hope and crisis coexist in 2018
- Jul 06, 2018 -

In 2018, Chinese aerosol hope and crisis coexist. By 2017, China's aerosol industry continued to maintain a two digit growth trend, especially in the second half of this year, and the demand for personal products in aerosol market increased significantly.


The quickening process of urbanization, the maturity of the e-commerce model, the improvement of the living standard, and the consumption ability of the post-90s and after 00, stimulate the fast lane of the aerosol industry in China again.

1. The sudden rise of personal nursing supplies

People's understanding of aerosols related products is changing unprecedentedly. Products such as moisturizing water, sunscreen spray, oral cleanliness, and body odor are increasingly appearing in people's lives. Convenience, safety and individualization are the features of this series of products, which cater to the needs of the contemporary young people for high quality life, and the market is gradually paid attention to by non-traditional aerosol enterprises.


The familiar aerosol products, such as insecticides and air fresheners, are still alive in the commercial and urban areas, and the personal care products are becoming more and more popular with the people of the city. What kind of personal product is more personalized, more convenient and reliable, which will get the heart of the market, such as Sunscreen Spray gradually preempting the market of smear type sunscreen, which is the cause of favor. The development of aerosols in international developed countries is the largest proportion of personal care products.


2. food and pharmaceutical aerosol is the future development star.

Food aerosol is an important aerosol in European and American markets. It is characterized by convenience, uniformity and hygiene; eating less oil, healthy and non sticky cookers; saving food preparation time and reducing waste. The global food aerosol has been innovatively applied, such as the aerosol espresso in Mexico and the frying fists made by the Spanish Company. There are less than five enterprises in China to produce the license for the production of food aerosol. However, with the promotion of the health concept of the people and the rapid development of the leisure industry, China is conservatively estimating China. The annual demand for edible oil aerosols will not be less than 50 million cans per year. Barbecue oil and demoulding oil are likely to be the focus of future development.

Pharmaceutical aerosol is the Pearl on the crown of the aerosol industry. Due to the particularity of its use, its production environment, technology, quality and other requirements are exceptionally strict. Pharmaceutical aerosols started in 1950s. Aerosols were first used in skin diseases, wounds, burns and local infections, and were used in respiratory tract in 1955.


The main dosage forms are divided into aerosol and powder fog. The most common one is Yunnan Baiyao aerosol. It should be said that our country still has a large gap in this field with the developed countries in Europe and America. Especially in the inhalation and drug delivery devices, medical packaging in 13th Five-Year is an important area for the development of medicinal aerosol packaging.

Two, some problems facing the development of the industry

1, the price fluctuation of raw materials promotes the tide of price rise

Since 2016, the price of the upstream raw materials has been rising, and the manufacturers of aerosols have been rapidly spreading, and the aerosol enterprises in the traditional manufacturing industry are faced with a severe test of the crazy raw material price hike, and some products are facing the situation that the price can not maintain normal profit.


Take iron and aluminum for example. Tinplate and aluminum are the main raw materials for making aerosol cans. The change of their prices directly affects the manufacturing cost of aerosols. Since the global economic growth slowed down in 2012, the price of tinplate and aluminum market has been running downwardly. In the global economic downturn, the rapid expansion of domestic production capacity and the continuous high production cost of the horse, the overall operation of the domestic market for 2012-2015 years is weak. In 2016, the market price of tinplate rebounded and prices rose sharply.

The trend of aluminum prices is similar to that of tinplate, and wood, paper and PE have risen to varying degrees.

2, laws and regulations everywhere are stricter, and investment in safety and environmental protection continues to increase.

The regulations on highway management for overloaded transport vehicles were formally implemented in September 2016. According to the new regulation, overloaded freight cars will be punished by "one super four penalties", which is called "the most stringent measures to overcome the problem in history". Some logistics companies have issued a notice of freight increase, which is between 30% and 50%.  The rise in fuel prices also boosted transport costs.

Environmental storm has been raging, and environmental limiting measures have been introduced in various places. Aerosol is not a heavy pollution industry. However, as a member of the fine chemical industry, the VOCs and hazardous wastes are severely monitored and monitored. Many aerosol enterprises have purchased and installed activated charcoal according to their requirements. A device and a catalytic combustion device.


According to the new catalogue of dangerous chemicals and the safety production regulations of aerosol, Guangdong province began to investigate the status and safety of the aerosol enterprises in the province and to find out the hidden dangers. It is understood that most of the enterprises need to be rectified.

The views of the Jiangsu provincial government on the deepening of the transformation and development of the chemical industry have already been issued. In the opinion, "the region along the river, focusing on the implementation of reduction, transfer, transformation and promotion plan." In the area along the lake, "carry out a survey of the basic situation of chemical enterprises, implement" one enterprise and one strategy ", and explicitly eliminate and close, move into parks, and upgrade requirements. "No chemical industry parks will be approved, no chemical enterprises outside the chemical industrial park will be granted."


Shandong province has carried out a large production safety inspection in the whole province. The units for the production and use of dangerous chemicals are the key objects of inspection, and 10819 chemical enterprises have been inspected.