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Use and scope of portable oxygen tank
- Sep 15, 2018 -

1. Brain power overdraft: Students can use it when they are nervous or exam, which can prevent dizziness, vomiting, chest tightness, mental fatigue, clear mind, concentration, quick thinking, and improved memory.

2, work high pressure: white-collar workers often work under high pressure for a long time, often used to ease nervous tension, feelings of boredom, maintain strong energy.

3, sports: for physical exercise or competition, eliminate shortness of breath, asthma, chest tightness, recovery of physical strength.

4, long-term driving: long-term driving to absorb health oxygen, so that you get tired of fatigue, rejuvenate, and ensure safe driving.

5, air pollution: air pollution is serious or air pollution, poor circulation, poor air circulation in the conference room, office, living room, etc., often regularly use oxygen, can clean the respiratory tract, replace the harmful gases in the lungs, make the energy more abundant.

6. Leisure travel: use in various entertainment and leisure places such as karaoke, disco ballroom, internet cafe, bar, sauna center, etc., enjoy fresh air anytime and anywhere; can also be used for waking up after excessive alcohol and tobacco, with the effect of hangover, It can also supplement the body's oxygen content during the tour, relieve fatigue and clear your mind.

Oxygen Can With Mask And Valve

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