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Australian Compliance Points To Regional Growth
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Australia's regulatory control of aerosol leaves it poised to participate in segment growth across Asia

John, a 14-year-veteran of the aerosol industry and celebrating 20 years in packaging, said the Australian Aerosol Association had taken positive steps over many years to share knowledge and training methods. Both had equipped it well for growth.


Investment in self-regulation had been essential to maintain aerosol's edge over competitive methods of delivery.


Increasing competition from non-aerosol deliverables including pump sprays and roll-ons would best be met by improvements in the entire design and manufacturing process delivered through an assured supply chain that met customers' needs, he said.


Innovation in packaging would also play an increasingly important role in providing fillers and FMCG customers with even more appealing shelf presence. "Smooth supply chain management and lean manufacturing techniques which keep costs down are the key to customer satisfaction in an essentially mature market," he said.


"Australia's adherence to strict regulatory procedures is taken as a given. We accept that it is possible to safely use an aerosol can in a range of environments and temperatures and have the comfort of knowing that a well configured aerosol actuator can nail a wasp from a metre away.


"Product performance is one the strengths of our market." John came to Jamestrong less than two years ago after a career spanning the packaging industry and component manufacturers to the aerosol industry. His arrival immediately preceded commissioning of the company's UV8 printing line at its factory, Sydney, plant which has now been trialled by all his aerosol customers.


"The new equipment and the ongoing commitment to manufacturing improvement, is part of the economy of scale that a larger company with strong international ties can bring to the market place," he said. "The breadth of service delivery was what drew me to the company."


John is keenly eyeing future developments, including those off shore. "Australians are major users of aerosol products," he said. "Our per capita use is around 13 cans each year. Comparatively other markets, some of which neighbour us, have nowhere near that saturation."