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Industry Standard Setting Meeting
- Jan 02, 2019 -

On December 20, 2018, the China Packaging and Aerosol Professional Committee held the industry standard setting meeting for "Dual Packaging Aerosols" and "Dual Packaging Aerosol Valves" at Zhongshan Vocational and Technical College in Guangdong Province.

China Packaging Federation Aerosol Professional Committee, Ai Yinuo Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Laiya Chemical Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xixi Aier Daily Chemicals Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Saiya Aerosol Co., Ltd., Tianyuan (Yichang) Aerosol 50 representatives from 34 units including Agent Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Wuxi Partner Daily Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Ludao Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhongshan Tiantu Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. participated in the Standardization Conference on Binary Packaging Aerosols. .

China Packaging Federation Aerosol Professional Committee, Anhui Gaodeweier Precision Parts Co., Ltd., Changzhou Jiacai Plastic Products Co., Ltd., Shanghai Quntong Spray Packaging Materials Co., Ltd., Suzhou Boxin Precision Packaging Co., Ltd., Yanshan County Jinxingqi 55 representatives of 34 units including Mist Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Meijie Packaging Products Co., Ltd. and Narita Rubber Products Co., Ltd. participated in the standard setting meeting of Binary Packaging Aerosol Valve.

The meeting was chaired by Zhao Kun, secretary general of the China Packaging Federation Aerosol Professional Committee. A standard setting group was set up and a plan was made. The standard drafting unit introduced the first draft of the standard, and the participants made a serious discussion on the first draft of the standard chapter by chapter and article by article, and proposed amendments.

Binary packaging aerosols have broad application prospects and will play an important role in promoting the upgrading, structural adjustment and optimization of aerosol products, standardizing product performance and enhancing product competitiveness in the future. Application of binary packaging aerosols The aerosol industry will also be pushed to a new level of development.

At present, due to the gaps in the quality of bag valves, mechanical equipment, filling technology, production control and quality awareness among different domestic manufacturers, the quality of binary packaging aerosol products on the market is uneven, and consumer complaints It also happens from time to time. In the stage of rapid industrial growth, the development of corresponding product standards is particularly important for the healthy and orderly development of the industry. Mainly reflected in several aspects: First, to ensure the safety performance of binary packaging aerosol products, to avoid product safety accidents; Second, to provide a basis for solving consumer quality complaints; Third, to guide the formation of healthy competition.

The binary packaging aerosol valve is one of the core components of the binary packaging aerosol product. The development of the binary packaging aerosol valve standard can effectively improve the safety and performance of the binary packaging aerosol product and production. Efficiency; for the binary packaging aerosol valve manufacturers and aerosol manufacturers to provide solutions to the differences in product quality; to provide a strong guarantee for the development of formal enterprises.

In summary, starting from the protection of consumer interests, starting from the healthy and orderly development of the binary packaging aerosol industry, the industry standard for binary packaging aerosols and binary packaging aerosol valves is realistic and urgent. Sex and necessity. The standardization of "Binary Packaging Aerosol" and "Dual Packaging Aerosol Valve" has positive and far-reaching significance for the advancement of the aerosol industry.

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