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Our company are equipped with top and bottom cover equipments. Not only that, we are also equipped with 2 sets of USA, Minster high-speed easy open lid production lines, with an annual output of 2 ,000 million pieces. Our existing 13 top and bottom cover production line, with annual production of 400 million sets, can produceφ45、φ52、φ57、φ65、φ70 andφ80 etc. cover.

In 2002, our company purchased our first top and bottom cover production equipment from Shanghai, and the production capacity was only 40 pieces/minute.

In 2007, our company imported 2 BMV cover stamping equipment from Italy, which improved productivity.

In 2010, our company imported Minster P209, P200 high-speed production line from USA , and began to engage in the manufacturing of EOE.



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IMG_3054 ST3A7931